In The Fog -a work in progress

This is a limited palette painting with mostly yellows and raw umber. Its 20" x 24" acrylic on a muslin covered panel

At The Beach

This one is also one of my older paintings . I live near lake Huron in central Canada . 16" x 20" acrylic on panel

After Monet

This is a painting I did a few years ago . Claude Monet is one of my favourite impressionist . I did this one as a way to develope a style of realism with an impressionist influence.

Check out the demo here : Painting Demo

At The Dock

I walk past the little red boat . The ripple waves gently lap against its planks . I hear the sea gulls and I walk on . 24" x 36" acrylic on panel framed
Check out the Demo here

In Calm Waters

Last summer I fished for cod , in Newfoundland, in an area where a lone minke whale was feeding. The water that evening was flat calm and the whale was after some sort of small fish that flickered on the water. It got close to us at times as we fished for cod. This painting tries to capture that moment in time as I remember it. This is an 18' x 24" acrylic painting on panel.

October Fog

In mid October, 2007 , I was in Newfoundland and one morning at day break I got some great reference photos of fog . There was frost in the air that caused a mysterious fog and it was so quite around the local harbour . Most boats had already been pulled out of the water in preparation for the approaching winter .

This painting tries to capture the the atmosphere that morning. Its a 24" x28' acrylic on canvas over panel.